Thousands of California musicians’ jobs in the entertainment industry are being lured overseas by tax credits. These musicians create unparalleled educational and cultural equity for our state. By teaching on all levels, from nonprofits to top universities and conservatories, and by performing in concert halls, theaters and clubs—activities that rarely provide for a living—musicians give back to our community in countless ways.

Musicians have suffered historic losses in music scoring jobs to foreign tax-credit regimes, jeopardizing the economic, educational, and cultural value they bring to our state. California is home to more top-level musicians and more professional scoring stages than anywhere else in the world. We must act now to preserve this industry and our place as the global magnet for the best and brightest in music.

Tax credits to incentivize music scoring will:

• Bring scoring work back home and create more scoring jobs here in California.

• Ensure that California tax dollars invest in jobs that would otherwise be lost to us.

• Ensure that the musicians enjoy the same success and support as other people working on films and television shows in our state.

• Not cost taxpayers any more money. No new taxes involved. Previously dedicated credits can be reallocated.