rmb stage
Chris Pierce (left) and Siddhartha Khosla (composer, NBC’s “This Is Us” – front right) performing with Rickey Minor (center) and his band at the Keeping the Score in CA kickoff concert at Los Angeles City Hall Aug. 19, 2017. [PHOTO: LINDA A. RAPKA/AFM LOCAL 47]

Thank you!

Musicians, labor allies and community leaders came together last Saturday at our “Keeping the Score in CA” kickoff concert. Thanks to Rickey Minor, Siddhartha Khosla, and all of our esteemed Assemblymembers and guest speakers for showing our local legislators, and AB 1300 author Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon, that music scoring tax credits are a key issue to our community. View the photo gallery and media coverage on the event.

Now let’s thank our Assemblymembers.

Call Majority Leader Ian Calderon and Assemblymembers Sebastian Ridley-Thomas and Jim Cooper to thank them for being champions only for our event, but for our entire industry.

Majority Leader Ian Calderon:
(562) 692-5858

Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas:
(323) 291-5441

Assemblymember Jim Cooper:
(916) 670-7888

Sample script:

Hi, I’m calling for the Assemblymember.  I wanted to thank him personally for coming to the ‘Keeping the Score in California’ concert on Saturday at City Hall and speaking in support of tax credits for film music scoring. This issue is so important to me and to my community, and it means a lot to know we have a representative that isn’t going to let our music industry die. Thank you for working to ensure good jobs for the next generation of young musicians.

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